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What Life Insurance
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About KLIA

Korea Life Insurance Association (KLIA) was established in 1950 as a non-profit corporation and has remained committed to promoting common benefits for member companies, maintaining sound market order,
and developing a healthy life insurance culture. We have 22 life insurers as full members and two associate members, Korean Re and IBK Pension Insurance.

About Korea’s Life Insurance Industry

The life insurance industry laid its foundation by enacting the Insurance Business Act and putting the national saving system in place. Following a paradigm shift that promotes mutual competition thanks to the market-opening in mid 1980’s, the industry was further globalized and widely opened with the launch of WHO and by joining OECD in 1990’s. Since 2000’s, life insurers have made utmost effort to foster soundness and competitiveness by engaging in multiple activities such as management innovation, financial structure improvement, advancement of various systems, and international conformity enhancement, as well as actively making their strides into foreign markets including China and India. The annual life premium income recorded KRW 110.8 trillion with total assets amounting to KRW 857.2 trillion as of FY2018, firmly positioning itself it the world's eighth largest life insurance market.

KLIA’s Commitment

In line with ever-changing market trends that place more focus on specialization and diversification, the KLIA is remained fully committed to ensuring the Korean life insurance industry will evolve into core business with global competitiveness, providing comprehensive financial and insurance services by contributing to the spread of a sound life insurance culture, introducing and developing advanced ∙ forward-looking systems and products.