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The most beautiful promise in the world is

What Life Insurance
does to prepare for TOMORROW

What we do

About USWhat we do

Our role is to:

ㆍEngage with policymakers, the government bodies, and regulators
ㆍConduct studies to improve the life policy sales system
ㆍHelp the public raise awareness of the life insurance industry and handle consumer complaints
ㆍPublish statistics and up-to-date news Support member companies to run business in a stable manner

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  • 01Engage with policymakers, the government bodies, and regulators
    • Support improvement of life insurance related policies and systems
    • Research existing insurance laws and make revision proposals
    • Undertake short and long-term tasks for the development of the life insurance industry
    • Provide up-to-date information on the financial and insurance industries at home and abroad
  • 02Perform tasks in regard to life insurance solicitors
    • Administer a test for certified life insurance agents and register those passed the test
    • Provide multiple programs to train agents and set test questions
    • Engage in self-regulatory activities to maintain healthy sales order
    • Investigate any mis-selling cases and conduct follow up measures
  • 03Protect the interests of life insurance policyholders
    • Run an "Insurance Contact Inquiry System(ICIS)" that enables consumers to see their history of insurance purchase
    • Deal with complaints and providing consulting services
    • Operate a system in which information on insurance policies is exchanged to prevent adverse selection
    • Release and disclose data regarding life insurers' business
  • 04Release statistics and bulletins
    • "Life insurance" (monthly)
    • "KLIA Bulletin" (semi-annual)
    • "Life insurance Business in Korea" (annual report)
    • "Life insurance Statistics Yearbook" (annual)
  • 05CSR activities to build up trust
    • Implement a variety of projects to promote public welfare
    • Undertake academic and charity work
    • Provide scholarships funded by social contribution foundation
  • 06Public relations activities
    • Advertise life insurance related commercials via television and radio
    • Establish PR plans on major pending issues